I used it on top of a concrete floor, pad and carpet over the top. Warm as toast!


“We wanted to add useable living space to our existing home by renovating the basement. We were concerned about moisture getting in as well as the comfort and warmth of a laminate in the basement.

1-Step has made the floors and room warm and cozy, and is super comfortable to walk on! Our sons friend actually said “this floor is so comfortable, I could walk on it all day”… We also found 1-Step to be considerably less expensive than most other underlayments, (which helped keep us within budget), and the installation process was quick and easy! 🙂

Definitely a top recommendation! :)”

S. Shabaz

“My wife and I hired a general contractor to finish our unfinshed basement in our newly built home. In order to save money I decided that I would handle the subfloor and floor installation in order to save labour costs and we would leave all the rest (framing, electrical, plumbing, drywall etc) to the pros. We spent a few weeks going back and forth between DriCore and DMX 1-Step for our subfloor. After many trips to Home Depot and lots of online research we chose to go with DMX 1-Step, and I am so glad we did. Not only is this product the best cost/sq foot in subflooring it is by far the easiest to install! Aside from the easy installation I think the number 1 selling pioint of this product, (aside from all of its great properties) is that there is almost NO WASTE when installing. Every scrap piece of DMX 1-Step™ that I had left over from cuts I was able to use in a differnt area. We had a few tricky angles from the overall design and yet all I needed to install this subfloor was an exacto knife. I installed 12mm laminate flooring on top of the DMX and we could not be happier with the look and feel of our new basement floor.

Thanks DMX!!”


“This product was very easy to use and the results were excellent. I started with a small room and after the flooring was laid down there was no sound what so ever when you walked on it. It gave a cushioned feeling yet you could tell the strength was there to support anything.

I am a DYI’er and consider myself handy but feel even someone that does not do a lot of projects would be able to use this product.”

Jim D, Rochester, NY

“I completed approximately 3 months of research on Underlayments as I wanted to ensure that my floor were protected from moisture. I did my research online and came across DMX 1-Step. I found the videos helpful and noticed an increase in the warmth of the floors before I even completed my project, when I only had the 1-Step down.

This is a product I recommend to any friends completing a flooring project.”

Brian H. Harrisburg, PA

“Hi…We absolutely loved the DMX one step. We did indeed get the last roll that we needed to finish my in-law suite downstairs. My nephew who installs flooring, was doing the basement suite for me. We just purchased this house in May of last year. My son and his family live upstairs. When Kenn suggested laminate flooring, and we ripped out the old vinyl floors we discovered a lot of water. We found the source of the leak but Kenn suggested we look for something for damp basements as an underlay. At Home Depot we found your product. It was very easy to install and gives the laminate floor a moisture proof barrier which is important in our basement. I am allergic to mold and mildew. We were very happy with the product and have recommended it to a few of our friends. Thanks again.”

Tina B, Inverary, ON

“We installed DMX 1-Step over our concrete basement floor before installing laminate over it. It was fun & easy to work with. We’ve found that not only does it keep the floor dry it is also much warmer. We went with this combination mainly because of the ease of cleaning. So far so good, everything is as planned.”

Brad P - Winnipeg, MB

“I installed two bamboo floors in two bathrooms using bamboo from Cali Bamboo and I used your DMX 1-Step product. I could not believe the quality and ease of use. I had looked at all outlets for an underlayment but was not impressed so I found your company online. I highly recommend this to anyone installing any wood or laminate flooring in any room. I have no worries that any moisture from below will be a problem.

It is nice to see a product that exceeds your expectations. I have recommended it to Cali Bamboo and told them to look into it as a product they could offer along with their flooring, it makes a great combination. I will be ordering more for the other rooms we are working on soon.”

Don W. Rockledge, FL