DMX 1 STEP 2.0 ™ – Advanced Vapor Barrier

How long is 1-step 2.0 warranty

**New and Better Advanced Vapor Barrier for vinyl, laminate and engineered hardwood floors**
**Patent Pending**

**NEW: DMX Easy Shims are now included with every DMX 1 Step 2.0 roll**

DescriptionDMX 1-Step 2.0 LVT
FlooringVinyl, Laminate, Engineered Hardwood
No. Dimples per Square Foot324 Dimples
Compression Strength10,000 lbs/sq.ft
Tape IncludedDMX Joining Tape
Shims IncludedDMX Easy Shims

How it works

DMX 1-STEP 2.0™ space-age contoured foam and unique dimple design provides the ultimate in sound absorption while allowing air to circulate beneath your floors, evaporating trapped moisture and eliminating harmful mold growth.

Installation of our Famous Blue Roll™
is DIY Friendly – no special tools required.

Moisture Barrier
Moisture Barrier
Mold Barrier
Mold Barrier
Underlayment for soundproofing
Sound Barrier
Prevent harmful fumes with thermal barrier
Thermal Barrier

Why DMX 1 Step 2.0 Advanced Vapor Barrier?

  • Can be used under Vinyl Plank Flooring (5mm or higher)
  • Certified Product – North American Laminate Floor Association
  • VOC Free – No dangerous off gas into the living space
  • 4 in 1 Protection – Mold, sound, thermal and vapor barrier ALL IN ONE
  • IIC (72) – Foam integration dampens sound transmission in living space
  • R-Value 3.5 (per inch) – Foam on dimple side makes the floors warmer and cozier under your feet
  • Membrane is waterproof – water will not reach your finished floors
  • Installs with a simple utility knife, no carpentry tools required
  • Does NOT require a complicated Calcium Chloride Test of concrete slab like foam underlayments
  • Fast and Easy to Install
  • No cumbersome OSB or Plywood required – Saves You Money
  • Joining Tape makes the joints moisture proof

Scott McGillivray – DMX 1-Step 2.0

DMX Easy Shims ™ – Installation

Product Dimensions

Roll Length29 feet8.8 meters
Roll Width42 inches1.07 meters
Dimple Height5/32″4 mm
Roll Weight16 lbs7.5 kg
Sq. Ft. / Roll100 sq.ft.9.38 sq.m.

Just the Facts

Keeps your floor warm and provides protection against moisture and mold.
DIY Solution for warm floors
Completely waterproof on both sides
Prevent Moisture & Waterproof your floors
The best choice for Vinyl Plank Flooring (≥5mm) Laminate or Engineered Hardwood over concrete or areas where moisture is a concern.
Easy DIY Install no tools required