For Use Under Vinyl Planks (≥5mm), Laminate and Engineered Hardwood

Prevent harmful fumes with thermal barrier
Thermal Barrier – Dimples create a thermal break making your floors up to 6.5⁰C warmer
Mold Barrier
Mold Barrier – Air gap design allows for moisture to evaporate underneath flooring minimizing mold growth
Underlayment for soundproofing
Sound Barrier – Space Age foam encapsulates dimples which makes your floors quiet.
Moisture Barrier
Vapor Barrier – Completely waterproof seams using our joining tape
Ideal for DIY Projects
Compressive Strength
ASTM D 6364-06 (2011)
12,000 lbs/sq.ft
VOC Free
CDPH Standard Method V1.2
IIC Rating
ASTM E 492 - 09 / ASTM E 989 - 06
Delta IIC Rating
ASTM E 2179
Chair Caster Test (25,000 cycles)
ISO 4918
(Required for use under vinyl)
Warranty25 Years

nalfa certified underlayment for flooring