DMX 1-Step Carpet – Product Test Results

DMX 1-Step has established itself as the best and most tested underlayment in the industry. You can buy our products with confidence, knowing that they have passed the most exacting standards set out by the flooring industry. The tests results have been validated by reputable, world class labs. The results are shown below to provide complete transparency.

Hexapod (Carpet Only)
ASTM D5252-15

Hexapod Test (with DMX 1-Step Carpet)
ASTM D 5252-15

IIC / STC – Sound Test
With Suspended Ceiling
ASTM D3273-16

Delta IIC- Reducing Impact Sound Transmission
Without Suspended Ceiling
ASTM E 2179

Mold Resistance Test
ASTM D3273-16

Floor Temperature Test
ASTM C518-17 Mod.

Compression Test
ASTM D6364-06 (2018)